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    Posted by: Brooklyn, NY Math Tutor/Former DOE Teacher Tutoring on 2/11/17
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    Hello! I am a former 6th grade math teacher currently
    offering tutoring/homework help in math from K-6th grade.
    I have taught for over 3 years as well as being rated as
    an effective teacher for the previous two school years. I
    taught summer school for the past 3 years. Proof of my
    teacher ratings are available. I am located near Brooklyn

    Availability: (Monday - Sunday) from 8AM to 8PM.

    You can view my math/classroom blog at

    You can view other material of mine at

    You can view me working with children here: and

    If you have any questions please inbox me or send a text
    message to 347-991-4319 Thank you.

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