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    Posted on 3/16/17
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    Can't get to see me in person? No problem!
    Now you can book remote sessions with me on Fridays.
    All you need is Skype or FaceTime and a working camera and microphone on your
    computer or smartphone.
    Contact me via Whatsapp or email me for more information.

    My name is Emma L.M. Sweeney and I am a voice coach and music tutor with 20+
    yrs teaching experience. I teach in English, with some Spanish. I see private clients
    in Palma, ES and London, UK. I also provide online Skype and FaceTime coaching.

    I teach all ages and levels of experience, from children beginning to explore their
    voices to working professional performers. I help establish and improve technique,
    reduce anxiety and take care of and develop your voice. I also give dialect training
    for non-English singers who wish to pursue work in the UK and United States.

    Heavy touring schedule? No problem. Once you know how to look after your voice
    and do everything twice as easily with twice as much clarity, your busy gig diary
    will be a breeze. Lessons include artist development and mentoring for your
    journey into the music and entertainment industry. You will also have the
    opportunity to learn to read music scores and learn the basics of piano and/or

    If you are a professional singer or voice actor and wish to book a diagnostic
    session or regular voice coaching sessions with me, please send an email.

    Current and past corporate clients include Universal Music Group (UMG), AATW
    (All Around The World), BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), King David
    Primary School, BIC (Baleares International College), Escola Global, the Pauline
    Quirke Academy Mallorca, The Workers’ Education Association (WEA), BCM Planet
    Dance, Pukka Up Records, and Dejavoo Records.

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