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    Richmond, BC Canada

    Posted on 4/03/17
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    Starting June 30th, 2017 a tutoring service for Math, Science, English and Socials
    will be open for anyone interested. The hourly rate for this service is $30, and I
    teach from grade 1 to grade 9.

    More about the program:
    - One on one teacher to student interactive program.
    - Weekly homework, from packages.
    - Advanced materials for anyone seeking higher level classes.
    - Friendly and quiet home environment.
    - Teacher to parent monthly progress reports.
    - Writing tests and exams are provided.
    - Homework and school projects help is readily available.
    - A teacher with high academic records.
    - Flexible after school hours.
    - Advanced reading and practice from textbooks.
    - Various methods of studying for different courses
    - Motivating students to learn and gaining self-confidence in courses in which they
    - Knowledgeable and familiar with the high school curriculum and elementary
    curriculum in Math, Science, Socials and English.

    Times available for this program:
    Since I am a student in grade 10 myself, I have school related functions during the
    summer. For that reason solely, I only have after school hours available. Also for
    that reason, make up classes are hard to find a spot for. All the times below are the
    times I am open for.

    Monday: 4:15pm TO 7:15pm
    Tuesday: 4:15pm TO 7:15pm
    Wednesday: 4:15pm TO 7:15pm
    Thursday: 4:15pm TO 7:15pm
    Friday: 4:15pm TO 7:15pm
    Saturday: 1pm TO 4pm
    Sunday: 1pm TO 4pm

    Thanks you for looking into my program, if you have any questions or are
    interested to sign up, please email me at

    Thank You.

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