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    Posted on 4/05/17
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    I am a graduate of New York University with a BS in
    Biology and Secondary Education who discovered a passion
    for the sciences at an early age. I scored in the top 1%
    on the ACT and SAT exams and am now the Director of
    Business Development and Strategy for a NYC startup.

    For 6 years, I worked as a freelance tutor providing
    expertise in ACT, SAT, Biology, Chemistry, and English
    grammar. My students describe me as a patient, calm,
    relatable tutor who can simply explain complex concepts
    and evolve their problem solving skills.

    I have been recognized as both a published author in the
    International Journal of the Care of the Injured and

    As a tutor / instructor, I am patient and enthusiastic. I
    have a complete understanding of the fundamentals, which
    allows me to break material down to it's simplest form. I
    teach my students how to understand the material, not to
    learn gimmicks or memorize. I have experience teaching
    children as early as 5 years old and adults as old as 50.

    For standardized tests I can provide insight on exam
    strategy while teaching the content.

    I teach the following subjects:
    - General Biology / HS Biology
    - General Chemistry / HS Chemistry
    - English Grammar
    - SAT / ACT
    - College Application/ Essay (provide real acceptance
    essays for top 25 Universities)
    - Interview Prep

    Rate is negotiable depending on time and travel.
    I can tutor up to 3 hours per session.
    I can provide my own materials with both content review
    and practice questions or work from your own!


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