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    Felix Wiese

    Posted on 4/20/17
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    Online maths tuitions at night for the USA and Canada

    My background:

    - 20 years of experience in private maths tuitions for pupil
    s / younger students / college students; 8 years of experien
    ce in private maths tuitions for high school / university st
    - math degree from a German university
    - experience in working as a tutor for students (math, engin
    eering, computer sciences, teacher trainees) at a university
    in: calculus and linear algebra (both basic and advanced),
    algebra, cryptography, number theory
    - in addition, private tutoring experience for high school /
    university students (math or otherwise) in: complex analysi
    s, measure and integration theory, functional analysis, stoc
    hastics / statistics / probability theory, numerical maths,
    linear optimization, discrete maths
    - multilingual: tuitions can be held in English, Spanish, or

    How it works:

    - before we 'meet' for the first time, you send me all avail
    able material on your subject (scripts / exercise sheets / o
    ld exams / ...) along with any specific questions or difficu
    lties you might have, so that I know what to be prepared for
    - we agree upon a time and date and then meet online, i.e. c
    onnect with each other via audio and screen sharing (so you'
    ll be needing a headset or headphones and mic; also video co
    nnection / webcam if you wish)
    - you decide: you just have a lot of questions and want some
    answers and explanations? Then I'll share my screen with yo
    u and explain the desired mathematical contents to you, visu
    alizing them in "Paint", using a special graphics pad tailor
    ed for this purpose. Ask me as many questions as you feel ar
    e necessary for understanding the subject material - there a
    re no stupid questions! Of course, you'll get a copy of the
    paint file afterwards.
    - or you want to practise yourself and get an assessment on
    how well you're doing? Then we'll use an online whiteboard,
    where both of us can write, and I'll comment on what's going
    well and where there is still room for improvement.

    Time & money aspects:

    - the first hour is a free trial
    - after that, it's 16 GBP resp. 20 € resp. 20 $ per hour (=
    60 minutes), payable by credit transfer or PayPal.
    - of course, longer meetings are possible, up to 3-4 hours o
    n a Saturday or Sunday if desired
    - available 7 days a week
    hours for days tuitions: 9-17 (Great Britain / Western Europ
    hours for nights tuitions: 3-11 (Eastern USA), 23p.m.-7a.m.
    (Western USA)

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