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    Posted on 5/10/17
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    Quran Recital provides multiple services
    for the woman who wants to learn to recite
    the Quran in the traditional way. Quran
    Recital can provide short half hour
    lessons to fit into your lunch schedule,
    or longer hour lessons for when you have
    longer periods available. We will find a
    course and class that will suit your
    scheduling needs.

    We provide all our courses online, through
    Skype. Our lessons are private, one on
    one, not group based. Because of this,
    you’ll enjoy having the full focus of the
    teacher during your scheduled time. You
    can learn to recite from the comfort of
    your home, or even from your office at
    work through using Skype. Skype is an easy
    to use communication app that you can
    download by clicking this link here –
    Skype Download

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