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    Posted on 5/16/17
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    Through my personal homeschooling and professional
    background, I have enjoyed each moment a student just
    "gets it" after we take their strengths and conquer any
    weaknesses. I would like to help you do the same! Please
    help your child beat the Summer "brain drain" with me at
    www. smklearning. com this summer for an online
    interactive hour, 3 days a week-Tues., Wed., Thurs.-to
    solidify what he/she already knows while increasing
    understanding in areas needed for success in their
    upcoming Algebra I course. All you will need is a
    computer, paper, pencil, and a comfortable spot to
    participate from! Program runs June 6, 2017- August 3,
    2017 with a week√ s break of July 3-July 7. (*webcam NOT
    required; microphone is required*)

    Summer Before Algebra Tutoring

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