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    Posted on 6/02/17
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    Do you want to speak French/English confidently at work,
    on holiday or under any other circumstances?
    Can you understand them, read and write in these
    languages, but you can't speak automatically and
    Are you going to a job interview in French or English?
    Do you want to pass a DELF, IELTS or Cambridge exam (CAE,
    FCE, PET, KEY) successfully?
    If you answer yes to one of these questions, or to other
    similar ones, private tuition focused exclusively on
    getting your desired results is the best solution. I am a
    professional tutor and I have been teaching French and
    English passionately and patiently for about 5 years.
    Moreover, I have a Bachelor Degree in Translation and
    Interpretation (for both English and French), a Master
    Degree in Translation and Terminology and an ongoing PhD.
    in Philology.
    I am looking forward to meeting you on Skype/Zoom. E-

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