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    Posted by: Angela NYC on 6/22/17
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    Experienced TEFL-Certified Teacher seeking private students
    (face-to-face or via
    Skype) wishing to improve general English skills (ESL, grammar,
    literature, essay
    prep), work on TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or SAT/ACT Verbal--- Fun,
    Dynamic, Creative
    lessons for a better understanding and greater love of the
    English language!

    My name is Angela. Please check out my profile!

    *Free Introductory Meeting to assess skill level, learning style,
    logistics, etc...


    *$150 for 5 one-hour sessions

    *Private or semi-private instruction offered

    Please email me at for more

    My Philosophy of Teaching:

    I completed my TEFL teacher training in Paris, France in
    October 2011 and have
    since taught at more than one English Language School as well
    as worked with
    many private students in New York and France. In addition to my
    teacher training, I
    am an actor, writer, and performer. Because of this, I have
    excellent skills with
    communication, working with others, and being in front of small
    or large groups of
    people. I am a native English speaker, capable of very concise,
    articulate speech,
    and have a great love of the English language. I achieve amazing
    satisfaction from
    inspiring others to communicate. I enjoy the creative elements
    of teaching and
    using the students' interests to drive a passion and desire to
    learn. Amidst my
    minimal travels across the globe thus far, I have learned that
    communication is the
    key to understanding and appreciating each other. In France, I
    have been able to
    have a much better understanding of the culture and people I
    interacted with by
    knowing their language. Therefore, I believe the more we can
    express ourselves to
    those of importance in our experiences, the more fulfilling our
    lives can be.

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