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    Posted on 8/20/17
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    Dear Sir / Madam
    30+ year Hi Quality Value Math/Physics Tutoring
    experience, for high schools and college Advanced
    Functions Math / Advanced Functions calculus/
    Differentiations / derivatives Rules Integrations-Anti
    Derivatives /Indefinite and Definite-Improper Integrals
    Solutions by Substitutions/Data Management/Finite
    Math/Algebra/Trigonometry/Analytical Geometry/Plane and
    Solid Geometry/Science/Advanced Physics, IB International
    Students Hi Level Math along with American
    College/university entrance exam SAT [Scholastic Aptitude
    Test], GED [General Education Diploma],ACT [American
    College Test], GRE [Graduate Record Exam], TOEFL - ESL in
    addition to excellent preparation to qualify for Canadian
    Army Admission Test / Canadian Fire Fighter Admission Test
    / USA Navy Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery Exam
    [ASVAB Exam] and ESL/TOEFL for admission to USA and Canada
    Author hi level test problems to elevate and improve
    student level standard, make students clearly understand
    enjoyable visible math/physics, quick response to
    accommodate students for tutoring, immediately available
    upon urgent short notice request to prepare student for
    exam per student timing need. You will get excellent
    command and understanding of advanced math/physics
    fundamentals you need for university/college study.
    Best regards
    Bachelor degree in Aeronautical / Aerospace Mechanical
    MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, L5M 7G1 289-400-9441/289-400-9441 have no yahoo email

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