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    Gurmeet Kumar

    Posted on 8/22/17
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    I have total 5+years of experience in software industry,
    Working in Java, Software Testing, Automation, and
    Selenium Automation Tool and in UFT.

    I had given many training in organization level.I teach
    the complete course, also assist real time experience and
    applying jobs.

    I have a urge and interest to teach people. This is the
    reason I am teaching online. I have an experience of
    around 5years on automation testing in software industry.
    I have extensive experience in Automation Testing using
    Selenium 2.0 and Web services testing using SoapUIPro in
    development, maintenance and execution of automation
    scripts.I have prior experience is developing the Test-
    Automation Framework and creating and Maintaining all the
    Reusable Methods and Classes required.
    Coming to my teaching, I will explain each and every
    concept clearly and give real time examples.Any sort of
    doubts from students are encouraged. I will give some
    sort of assignments after every concept and I will
    explain how interview questions will come after each and
    every concept. I will be in touch to students over phone
    or Whats-app.

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