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    Conor/ Upper West Side New York City

    Posted on 8/23/17
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    I am an experienced iOS (iPhone/iPad) Software Engineer and Computer
    Programmer. I have worked for several major tech companies and have
    self published 5 iOS applications (all available for download on the iOS
    App Store). I now work for a major media company in New York. My
    team and I build a video player and user authentication framework that
    is used by all our affiliate applications.

    At Columbia University, I took several advanced Computer Science
    classes including Data Structures in Java. This is the quintessential CS
    course for any Software Engineer.

    I have experience tutoring, coaching, and above all else, programming.

    I am available to tutor any of the following subjects:
    - High School A.P. Java
    - College Computer Science Courses
    - Mock Tech Interviews and Career Advice
    - iOS Software Engineering
    - Computer Science fundamentals and basics

    I am a patient teacher and willing to accept and guide students of all
    experience levels. Learning is fun, not work. I have a sense of humor
    which I use to make my lessons as enjoyable as possible

    Ivy League Computer Science Tutor For Hire!

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