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    Posted on 8/30/17
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    Hello....My name is Taha and I am an EFL Teacher with
    over 7 years of experience and have worked as an ESL/EFL
    Teacher in various different countries. I have taught all
    kinds of people from different cultures and of all ages,
    in groups and in a one-to-one environment. I have a
    Postgraduate diploma in ELT from Nottingham Trent
    University and an MA in TESOL from Sunderland University.

    I was born in Africa (Libya) and grew up in the UK. My
    passion for teaching comes from my fascination with words
    and languages, which I have had since an early age. I
    gain great satisfaction from teaching and the challenges
    that each individual student brings. I pride myself on
    being able to help improve my students` understanding of
    the English language. Whilst teaching, I aim to instil
    confidence in my students with a humorous and
    understanding attitude.
    I believe online tuition is the classroom of the future
    and I am excited to be a part of this style of learning.
    I enjoy using all kinds of online tools during my
    lessons, such as videos, audio files and a whole array of
    vibrant learning platforms.
    Study with me, learn through inspiration and creativity!

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