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    ms kaye / Dusseldorf Germany

    Posted on 8/31/17
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    Greetings! My name is Kaye, and I am a TESOL Online Tutor and
    Teacher with 8yrs plus experience as an ESL Teacher through
    telecommuting and scheduling on-location for one-on-one practice. I
    continue of having a wonderful experience in teaching a vast
    diversity of students while traveling around the world while learning
    about their picturesque cultures as we learn from each other through
    English communication.

    Although I was born in Jamaica, West Indies, the natives speak
    Standard English, I grew up learning and speaking American English.
    I earned my Bachelorís Degree in Humanities, 1996, received
    certification as a TESOL, 2009, where I taught in China for two years
    and started online teaching. By 2010, I earned my TEFL Certificate
    while in China before returning to the United States. I continued my
    ESL teachings aboard in the Republic of Georgia and Costa Rica.
    When not traveling, I teach now here in Stockum, Dusseldorf
    Germany, by via online Skype or another Instant Messenger app, or
    to an agreed site to conduct one-on-one sessions, if within city

    My goal is that you reach your potential and confidence when
    applying your academic English language studies. So why not test
    your knowledge with an actual Native English speaker? The lessons
    are the studentís choice because they know what focus of attention
    they wish to improve, and I as the teacher find the online materials;
    videos, fill-in exercises, sound bites, popular music and even word
    games to conduct the session. Iím a firm believer of entertaining
    when teaching, makes learning enjoyable.

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