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    Michael Egenthal

    Posted on 9/15/17
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    I am a California attorney, law professor, and LSAT tutor of thirteen
    years and have had nearly five hundred students. I have authored a
    streamlined, meticulous approach to the LSAT which breaks down every
    question type within each game, argument and reading comprehension
    section. I will provide you with references of students who achieved
    minimum five and as high as fifteen point score growth on the exam.

    Fact is, despite popular opinion, this test is predictable and you can
    beat it. I've honed my approach over the years to where we have
    become very successful at picking apart the decoys of the exam and
    the most common and attractive wrong answers. I am particularly proud
    of my students' progress in Reading Comp and Games as I've seen
    immense improvement from my students in these areas. The approach
    in this area is proven time and again. The Logical Reasoning Section
    also eventually sees large scale improvement, but it takes time to
    master each skill and does occur with the proper diligence.

    I know the LSAT preparation process can be frustrating. Usually
    commercial courses don't deliver on their promises or enable you to
    understand the concepts at the level needed to ace this exam. I believe
    there is a reason for this and as such, I tailor my approach to the
    intricate reasons my students are getting questions wrong. This is a
    method you seldom, if ever, will receive from a commercial tutoring
    service. Frankly, you don't often get it from other tutors either, as I've
    had many students over the years who have "defected" from another
    tutor to come use my approach.

    My students always have success, if they work hard that is. We will
    pinpoint what it is that is tripping you up and will hone in on the exact
    areas that need serious scrutinizing. If you are in the 140s or 150s and
    want to be in the 150s or 160s or if you're already at a high level and
    want to enter the 170s, let us work together to obtain your goal. My
    satisfaction truly comes from your growth.

    Whether we work together or not, I recommend selecting a tutor that
    specializes only in LSAT prep, rather than working with one who tutors
    for various exams. Select a tutor who knows the LSAT inside and out, a
    tutor whose sole focus is on this exam and no other exam.

    Here is a breakdown of what each commercial course charges for
    private tutoring sessions:

    Kaplan: $153/hr

    PowerScore: $150/hr

    Princeton Review: $125 - $375/hr

    Test Masters: $150/hr

    My rate is considerably lower and I provide all the materials you'll need
    for the process at no cost.

    A recent student just informed me of his acceptance into USC Law - a
    top 20 school. He came to me with a 148 and obviously went way up the
    ladder. Another went from 153 to 171. 75% of my 2013-2015 students
    saw double digit growth in their diagnostic exams. These are some of
    myriad similar stories over the years.

    You can reach me at 516-297-5376.

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