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    Posted by: Michael Egenthal on 9/15/17
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    Hello! I am a licensed California attorney, Contracts
    law professor,
    former Highest Grade Winner, first time California bar
    passer and
    California Bar Exam tutor. I typically have three
    different types of
    students: (1) a student with whom I will work from the
    beginning of the
    bar preparation process for their first exam; (2) a
    student who will
    consult me in the middle or toward the end of the
    process after realizing
    they need additional help; or (3) a student who will
    retain my services
    because they have previously failed the exam.
    Whichever category you
    fall into, with dedication and a smart approach, you will
    pass. My
    approach to this exam is scientific. It is methodical. It
    is efficient.
    Importantly, though, it is personal.

    Each of the three tasks you are required to complete
    on the bar
    necessitates entirely different preparation. As such our
    sessions differ
    for essay prep, MBE prep, and performance test prep
    and in turn for
    different areas of the substantive law.

    For Civ Pro, Contracts, Torts, Criminal Law, Criminal
    Procedure, Real
    Property, Evidence and Constitutional Law:

    For these six MBE subjects that are also fair game for
    the essay portion,
    our prep will be most rigorous. In each of these areas
    you are required
    to memorize a lengthy outline that is tailored to the
    way your brain must
    process the material for both an essay and on a
    multiple choice
    question. I am open to prep materials you bring to the
    session and can
    work with you as a supplement to a commercial bar
    course, but in any
    case, it is imperative that we train your mind to think
    from the fact
    pattern forward. (As an aside, this is the way to pass
    the Bar Exam --
    understand that in every subject there are a finite
    number of fact
    patterns that they can possibly test and that have ever
    tested. In our
    sessions we memorize them, understand the
    applicable rule(s) for each
    fact pattern, memorize the best stock arguments on
    either side, and
    then memorize "sprinkle in" points that are there to
    rack up points. The
    fact pattern forward approach is used for the entire
    exam, is used by
    many commercial courses (some well and some
    clumsily), and is an
    absolute must. DO NOT MEMORIZE A BUNCH OF

    As well you must do a minimum of 50 MBE's per day
    that will be
    coordinated to the particular substantive area you are
    working on that
    day. For every MBE question you miss you must write
    a notecard with
    the legally significant, yet SIMLPLIFIED facts on one
    side, and the
    answer to the fact pattern with an explanation on the
    other. You must
    also write a note card for answers that you get right
    but got lucky (i.e.
    questions where there is not 100% chance if you saw
    this again you
    would get it correct). There are no short cuts here. My
    prep is rigorous
    and unforgiving, but that is what it takes.

    For the essay subjects that are not fair game on the

    I provide a fact pattern forward outline (or your own
    material which we
    use and adapt to make sure you are thinking this way).
    These are much
    more condensed outlines that highlight literally the
    exact train of logic
    you will be required to regurgitate on the exam if given
    a particular
    hypothetical. The largest deficiency I see among those
    that do not pass
    is that they try not learn an entire law school class
    worth of material for
    these subjects. For instance, do not relearn the nitty
    gritty of wills and
    trusts. Memorize the fact patterns in the highly tested
    areas and
    memorize a script. REINVENTING THE WHEEL ISNT
    NECESSARY. Let's
    learn what is required of you, know it in excruciating
    detail, write
    endless practice essays, and you will be fine.

    For the Performance Tests:

    The PT is an entirely different animal. Doing well on
    this portion of the
    exam is a mere formula. Maintaining composure and
    practicing your
    time management are paramount. As well, it is very
    important to avoid
    red herrings and irrelevant information on the PTs as
    the examiners
    often send students on a wild goose chase (this is
    another main reason
    folks don't pass this exam). Lastly, the proper use of
    headings is of
    underrated importance and this can be learned very
    quickly. I provide
    templates for all my students and strategy coaching
    for each of the
    major tasks that may be thrown at you, whether it is a
    memorandum, drafting an affidavit, or drafting a
    settlement offer letter
    to opposing counsel. Organization, organization,
    organization. Vastly

    The Gist:

    I realize this is an ad. I'm not very good at marketing.
    My strengths lie in
    simplifying material and motivating people. Perhaps
    I've inundated you.
    If so, here's the essence of what I'd like to get across. I
    work with my
    students on substantive doctrines that they are having
    a hard time
    nailing down, exam writing skills (including the use of
    writing, organization techniques, buzz words to
    sprinkle in for points,
    YOUR ADVANTAGE on an essay), and performance
    test strategy. We
    conduct observations sessions in which we see what
    you generate
    under timed scrutiny for both the essays and
    performance tests. We
    craft an overall exam strategy for the MBE that
    maximizes your time as
    the MBE is a constant balance of efficiency and
    accuracy. Perhaps there
    are certain questions you should skip -- we will assess
    this and devise
    your MBE approach.

    From the first five minutes of our first session you will
    understand: this
    is personal to me. I understand the process, its rigors,
    its trials and the
    rewarding feeling you will have when your name
    appears on the Pass
    List. It is within your reach. You simply need to have
    the right mindset,
    an organized and dedicated daily routine, the correct
    prep materials
    that train your brain in the proper way, smart and
    repeated application
    of the substantive law to practice fact patterns (essay
    or multiple
    choice), and PT templates and repeated application. I
    will assess your
    proficiency in each of these areas and guide you
    should you be deficient
    in any of them.

    Give me a call at 516-297-5376 and we'll discuss the
    approach in

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