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    Posted on 9/28/17
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    I am a graduate of New York University with a BS in
    Biology and Secondary Education who worked directly for
    the NYU admissions board reviewing applications. I scored
    in the top 1% on the ACT and SAT exams and am now the
    Director of Business Development and Strategy for a NYC

    With my expertise, I've helped students furnish their
    application for the school(s) they hoped to gain
    acceptance to. Because all schools are unique, your
    application must be as well. Currently, I've worked with
    students who have gained acceptance to Columbia, NYU,
    Yale, BU, BC, USC, SUNY's, and many more.

    Expertise includes:

    - Common Application start to finish and review
    - Supplemental question answering
    - College Essay (provide real acceptance essays for top
    25 Universities)
    - Interview Prep where required

    Rate is negotiable depending on time and travel.
    I can consult up to 2 hours per session.

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