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    Mia Ramgopal, Edgware

    Posted on 11/26/17
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    An experienced tutor who graduated with BA English degree and has previously
    taught English Literature and Language to young individuals, all the way from
    Primary school years up to GCSE level. Helped and supported the students
    through encouraging and familiarising them with the nature of language and
    writing techniques in order to build a strong relationship with the subject. My
    students went from below average level at school (Year 6/7 and Year 9/10) to
    achieving an above average Excellent level within a matter of months. I teach with
    a thriving passion for and wholesome experience of the subject having studied at
    University standard.
    I treat my students with patience, professionalism and friendliness as each student
    learns, practises and remembers things differently. Therefore, my teaching style
    adapts to suit each student's needs and abilities. This ensures each lesson is
    highly productive and contributes to that final, successful result.

    Located in North West London.

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