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    Posted on 2/06/18
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    I am a Physics major college student currently working on
    a bachelors in physics. I am currently a sophomore with a
    3.36 GPA. I will be accepting new students to tutor in
    lower divisions of math up to Algebra. I will conduct
    tutoring sessions from an online whiteboard application.
    My goal is to get students to enjoy and understand math,
    not just get by with a passing grade. I will create a
    custom learning plan based off your needs.
    My hourly rate system is easy to understand and rewards
    you instantly!
    The first hour is $14 then each additional hour that week
    is reduced by $1.
    For example 3 hours in a week the first hour will be $14
    the second hour will be $13 then the third hour will be
    $12. It bottoms out at $8! So eight hours of tutoring is
    only $77!
    Send me a text @ 951-399-3378 for details or an

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