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    Geetha/ Brampton

    Posted on 2/07/18
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    Female Tutor located by the Brampton soccer center(Dixie
    and Sandalwood).

    I am a university Graduate with a Bachelors of Science
    degree in Mathematics and Statistics from McMaster
    University. I am currently a fulltime employee working as
    an IT Business Systems Analyst. Iíve had a small tutoring
    company for 3 years and I have had over 6 years of tutoring
    students varying from grade 3 to university students.
    Previous tutoring companies I have worked for before are
    Tutor Bright and Kumon. I've been tutoring privately for
    the past three years.

    How I perform my sessions: Two days before each session I
    will call the student and ask what the student is currently
    learning. I will then formulate a lesson for 20 - 30
    minutes. This lesson will teach the lesson from what the
    student may have learned using more examples and trying to
    show math in an easier light. If the student understands
    the lesson already taught in class and has a project,
    assignment or homework I will have the student scan the
    assignment ahead of time just so I have some time to review
    earlier. During the session we can review already finished
    assignments or go through the assignments/homework
    together. Homework is an important part of succeeding in
    math. Math cannot be memorized, itís all about practise.
    Parents should encourage their children to review material
    from school as well as the tutoring sessions to get the
    most out of the sessions.

    Subjects taught 2016-2017 school year:
    Grade 9 - academic and IB math
    Grade 10 - applied and IB math
    Grade 11 - mixed math and academic
    Grade 12 - calculus, advanced functions and data University
    - business stats as well as econ (macro and micro)
    Grade 12 - advanced functions
    Grade 12 - Data management
    Grade 12 - Calculus
    Grade 11 - math
    Grade 10 - math University 1st year - stats

    At my home tutoring (one on one)
    1hr/session- $30
    In home tutoring (your location) (one on one)
    1hr/session - $45

    Please send an email with the following details: grade,
    subject and days of interest.

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