Posted by: VINCENT LANDER on 4/15/19
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    Mathematics tuition offered to students studying for GCSE,
    GCE "A" and "AS" levels, and also to junior school pupils
    who are having difficulties with the subject.

    I hold an MA in Mathematics/Philosophy and a PGCE
    (Postgraduate Certificate of Education) from Oxford

    I have many years' experience of teaching mathematics

    I use only my own materials (unless the student has
    specific worksheets that he or she wants to go through).

    All teaching is on-line, through Skype or other medium.

    I am also developing a web site especially for those who
    have learning difficulties.

    The main principles are:

    Learning is through solving problems. This is
    "active" learning, rather than passive learning (listening
    to a teacher, reading a book, watching a video, etc)
    Mathate has no fixed problems. Every question is
    dynamically created according to the student's answers to
    previous questions.
    The material only advances in complexity once the
    student has shown a sufficient grasp at the present level
    of difficulty.
    If a student gives an incorrect answer, the
    correct explanation appears one line at a time. It is much
    easier to understand in this way, rather than when a whole
    page of explanation is presented at the same time.
    All topics, whether they be concerned with
    geometry, algebra, statistics, kinematics or other subject
    matter have problems involving work with integers,
    decimals and fractions. In this way the student gets
    endless practice with each of these number forms.
    Calculators may be used, but they are not of great
    assistance when dealing with fractions.
    The question level in each subject ranges from the
    very simple to the considerably challenging. Thus Mathate
    is suitable for all ability levels.
    Mathate can of course be used at any time, 24
    hours per day. It is always available, unlike a teacher
    (school or private).
    One can start with any topic. It is not necessary
    to work through the material in a certain order (although
    of course the student must master the rudimentary
    operations of arithmetic and algebra before tacking more
    advanced subjects).
    Every student's answer is recorded, so the student
    can pause and continue studying the same material later or
    another day.
    Special "keyboards" appear when particular symbols
    are required, such as degree, exponents, square root, etc.

    Please call +44 7727 021721 or send an e-mail to My Skype address is mathate10.

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