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    Posted on 4/22/19
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    my name is Lisa, I am a 21 year old girl from Barcelona, Spain. My father is
    English and my mother is Spanish but we've always lived in Spain. So, I'm
    native in both languages.

    When I was 11, I went to France during a school year (9 months more or
    less) to study English and French in a boarding bilingual school and also, I
    studied my A-levels in Spanish and French.
    I am currently studying translation in an online university in Spain called
    UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). Spanish as my first language
    (Catalan is also my first language but I don't study it), English as my
    second and French as my third.

    My experience with children begins three years ago; I started to teach
    English to a five-year-old boy twice a week in my village. Later, I have been
    teacher at my sister's academy; in July, I was working in a Summer
    Campus teaching English and looking after them.

    I have been an au pair in Melbourne, Australia during 8 months. I looked
    after a wonderful 2 year old boy (Harry) and I lived with a lovely family.
    I enjoyed teaching him the colours, shapes, numbers, counting, etc. I
    always tried to communicate with him as much as I could so he could learn
    faster and better.

    I am currently working as an English teacher in a local academy.

    Don't hesitate in contacting me for further information!

    *negotiable price*

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