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    Sunnyvale, CA

    Posted on 4/25/19
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    STEM tutor:

    If you or your child is struggling in math or science
    “STEM Clarified by Maxim” is for you. My name is Maxim. I
    am a math and science tutor with more than 20 years of
    experience tutoring students. I have PhD in Materials
    Science from the University of Pennsylvania. I taught
    Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry at Moscow State
    University (Russia), led Materials Science Labs for High
    School Students at the University of Pennsylvania (USA).

    Subjects I can help with are:

    High School Math - all levels (regular, honors, AP)
    including algebra I & II, trigonometry, calculus AB, BC,
    pre-calculus, math analysis, geometry

    High School Science - chemistry (all levels: regular,
    honors, AP), physics (all levels: regular, honors, AP).


    Evenings and weekends. In-person or via Skype.

    Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Mountain View,
    De Anza, Foothill, San Jose, Campbell.

    Phone: 408-359-8909
    Skype: STEMclarified

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