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    Posted on 9/30/19
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    NATIVE ENGLISH TUTOR Classes and Courses All Levels on Skype

    I am ESL/TOEFL certified and teaching English since 2006. I
    can help you achieve your goals, whether professionally or
    academically by improving your English communication skills.
    • Do you need to improve your English conversational
    • Do you want to learn more about grammar and build
    your vocabulary?
    • Do you need to improve your listening skills, your
    writing skills?
    • Are you interested in Business English?
    • Would you like to improve your pronunciation and
    reduce your accent?
    • Would you like to learn English Idioms and Phrasal
    Verbs in a fun way?
    • Do you need help with exam preparations?
    I am especially interested in helping you improve your
    speaking skills. I can help you find your “voice” in English
    so that you can explain your thoughts, ideas, and feelings
    with more confidence and fluidity. $15.00 US per class
    I look forward to helping you reach your English language

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  • All Levels of English, 9/30/19, by ONLINE SKYPE.