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    Posted on 11/13/19
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    Hedy, Certified Teacher

    I have an honours degree in psychology and a degree in
    education. I am also TESL certified and am a member of
    both the Ontario and British Columbia College of
    Teachers. Since 2005, I have been teaching students of
    all ages and backgrounds, native English speakers as well
    as English language learners. I have taught various
    subjects in public and private schools, tutoring centers,
    language schools, and international schools in Canada and
    abroad. I believe that clear communication is a very
    important aspect of teaching any subject.

    I try to explain concepts in a way that makes sense to
    each particular student, enabling them to fully
    understand and, eventually, to become independent in
    solving similar problems on their own.

    I also have a nursing background and several years'
    experience in teaching medical English. I have designed
    a 50 lesson course in medical English, covering all
    systems of the body. I teach this course one-on-one to
    students via Skype.

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