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    Posted on 1/12/20
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    Greetings. Since 1998, Full Potential Learning Academy
    (FPLA), located in Miami Lakes, have been offering One-on-
    One tutoring to students at all grade levels and subjects
    including test prep programs.
    Specifically, FPLA certified tutors can help you at all
    levels of mathematics (elementary school math, middle
    school math, pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry,
    precalculus, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, business
    math, college algebra and more).
    We offer:
    One-on-One tutoring
    Predictable environment
    Personalized curriculum
    Regular assessment
    Periodic progress report
    Meticulous academic records
    Teaching style tailored to your (child’s) learning style
    Ready access to your (child’s) academic progress
    FPLA One-on-One program ensures stability, dependability,
    and consistency in the quality of student tutor
    interactions. Call 305-826-1896 for a free consultation.
    Alternately, provide us with your contact number and we
    will contact you at your convenience. I look forward to
    speaking with you to help you realize your goals.

    Math tutoring at FPLA

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