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    Shiva Rajkumar

    Posted on 6/04/20
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    I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at UCLA.

    I have 4 years of tutoring experience under my belt.
    Having difficulty understanding the concepts, the small
    details, the big picture?

    I'm here to help students get the foundation in
    engineering courses so they can excel in their upper
    division classes.

    Math-(Algebra to Multi-variable Calculus),
    Physics (Statics, Mechanics, Fluids, etc.),
    Engineering Courses: (Thermodynamics, FEA, Transport
    Phenomena, Fluid Dynamics, Statics & Strengths of

    Basically any engineering coursework; I can provide
    discount prices for group tutorial sessions for 2+
    people, price is negotiable.

    Feel free to contact me at or
    TEXT (310)-493-2554

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