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    New Jersey

    Posted on 7/23/16
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    Y2Academy has launched the SAT& ACT winter program to
    interact with the students who are going to seat in the
    college board final SAT exam. The SAT exam to be taken this
    time will have some changes. On this topic the expert
    faculties of Y2 Academy will share the informative details.
    Students who have a strong wish to score high the exam must
    not miss this Winter Camp.

    The SAT Winter Program is started by the Academy to make the
    students learned about the changes made for the upcoming
    test and which are going to be effective this time. By
    attending ACT winter program students can be confident about
    the ways of scoring high in the test. It is easy for the
    students to register themselves for the Winter program/ Camp
    organized by Y2Academy. Any interested student can visit any
    of the campuses of Y2 Academy for more information.

    Contact Details:
    Y2 Academy- Cherry Hill
    Tel: (856) 888 2123

    SAT & ACT Test Prep Classes, Tutoring at Y2 Academy

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