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    Cherry Hill, NJ

    Posted on 8/03/16
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    Y2Academy is the premier coaching institute for the students
    preparing to seat in the SAT & ACT tests. The experts have
    started taking batches for the SAT and ACT preparation.
    Tutors guide all students for all information relevant to
    the ACT test preparation. The faculties draw the attention
    of students towards the important notice for the attendees
    of ACT test on September 10. The authorities have revealed
    5th August, Friday as the last date for the students who
    want to apply for the ACT test in Best ACT Test Prep classes
    in NJ. The exam will be taken on 10th September. The
    authorities will not accept any application after the
    mentioned date.

    Only 2 days are remaining to get registered for the exam.
    Y2Academy is offering all students to choose the score
    guarantee program. For ACT preparation courses they
    guarantee at least 6 pt. Increase or minimum 33 pt. (36
    perfect) increase. The students who have already registered
    for the test or supposed to get registered before the
    deadline are welcomed to join the Best SAT Test Prep
    coaching in NJ and ensure their good result.

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    Tel: (856) 888-2123
    Visit us on:

    Y2Academy: Standard Coaching for ACT test preparation

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