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    Posted on 3/22/19
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    Diploma in International Airline and Travel Management
    prepares you for a career in Aviation, Travel and Service
    Industry. Its sessions encapsulate modules that cover
    subjects as diverse as Conversational English, Grooming,
    and Interview Preparation. Conversational English hones
    the English speaking skills of students through Group
    Discussions, Skits and Interactive Sessions. Galileo, on
    the other hand, is the most widely accepted Computerized
    Reservation System (CRS) in the worlds. CRS is the most
    widely accepted hotel reservation package in the world.
    In fact, it is almost an essential for front office
    operations in 5Star Hotels the world over. Needless to
    say, this exposure gives Skywings students a crucial edge
    when it comes to placements in top hotels.

    Airport Management Courses

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