GA Certified Teacher to Homeschool your Child
Posted by Stockbridge on 9/18/09

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    Is your child bored at school? Lost in the crowd? Teased?
    Labeled "Bad"? Or just not reaching their full potential?
    Would like your child to have an academically challenging
    and experiential education tailored to his/her strengths
    and interests? I am a certified GA teacher and have been
    teaching for over 15 years. I have a BS in biology with a
    minor in chemistry, a BA in education with a minor in
    history, and have completed 95% of my masterís program in
    computer science and technology. I no longer wish to work
    in public school because of all the things that have
    changed over the past decade! I have taught at private
    school, but still wasnít really able to teach the way I
    know children learn. All children have the potential for
    greatness!! All children can enjoy learning!

    I would provide a holistic, classical education program
    that is rich in language arts, history, math, science, art
    and music! We would use as many learning environments as
    possible to include the GA Aquarium, the zoo, museums,
    historical sites, nature preserves, state and local parks.

    My curriculum exceeds GA and national standards, yet will
    be tailored to your child's learning style! Your child will
    love learning again! They will love to read, explore the
    world, and think for themselves! Each child will build a
    portfolio that they will be proud of and that will exceed
    public and private school standards!

    If this sounds like the kind of education you have wanted
    for your child please contact me and letís discuss it!! I
    can be reached by phone (678-294-7986) or email: