Duso the Dolphin Kit --Developing Understanding of Self and
Posted by Kacee Poteet--Pawhuska, OK on 10/02/09

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    Needing to find and purchase the Duso the Dolphin Kit. It
    is no longer being published. Wanting to purchase for my
    daughters Kindergarten teacher. She has an incomplete set.
    She has had it for 25 years and several of the tapes do not
    work. She only has the Dolphin puppet. I remember this
    when I was a child in Elementary and loved it. I am 35 now
    and it is funny that I remember that!And now my daugter
    comes home singing the song and enjoys it every time Mrs.
    Culver, her teacher, uses the curriculum! I thought I would
    try to find one for her and her class. Thank you for your