SRA Reading Laboratory "Little Red Schoolhouse"
Posted by Barb Masciarelli Colorado Springs, CO on 12/19/10

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    I am a children's literacy center program lead coach for a
    school district in Colorado Springs, CO. I am looking for
    an "old" Little Red Schoolhouse, like I used 25 years ago
    while teaching elementary school. This SRA Reading Lab has
    the different reading levels represented by different
    colors, like the red level, purple level, and so on. I want
    to use this reading lab system in my literacy program, as
    volunteer tutors and I work with more than one child at a
    time, and the children are often at different reading
    levels. Does anyone out there have one of these in a garage
    or warehouse, just collecting dust? I would love to have
    it! I have been looking for one for a while now, with no
    luck. Can anyone help me?