Well Paid Position for Training Center Teaches ! No.602
Posted by Taiyuan on 4/21/11

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    Well Paid Position for Training Center Teaches in Taiyuan!

    Application email: CV@eslhr.com

    Treatment: 5000 -7000RMB/Month Partial reimbursement of
    Airfares (no more than 6600RMB) Free house provided
    Insurance provided Z visa provided

    Job Details: One year contract 25classes/week,
    60minute/classes Curriculum provided

    Requirements Native English speaker Bachelors degree or
    above TEFL Certificate preferred 2+ years work experience

    Required Resume Diploma/Certificate scans Passport scan
    Photo Recommendation (if available)

    The School

    Shanxi Province is located in the middle reaches of the
    Yellow River, and has a long and glorious history of the
    Chinese nation and the birthplace of Chinese civilization.
    As its capital city, Taiyuan is richly endowed with
    fantastic natural resources and historical heritages.
    Today's Taiyuan is comprehensively implement the scientific
    concept of development, to building an innovative
    city-based strategy to speed up economic and social
    development in various fields of innovation, people there
    are striving to build economic development, cultural
    prosperity, social harmony, and a beautiful environment,
    the people prosperous and new industrial bases Set
    Interpretation Context and modern flavor characteristics
    that combines the cultural city achieve "service the
    province, affecting the country, attracting the world," new