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    Posted on 10/23/16
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    argan oil wholesale

    First of all our company ORIENTAL GROUP company installed in
    Morocco, more exactly in Marrakech. we are producer of argan
    oil and wholesale exportetr.

    We offer argan oil wholesale prices, if you are interested,
    contact us. Please specify the quantities needed of argan oil
    in wholesale by litre or kilogram.

    Furthermore All our products are certified, argan oil is
    certified AB, USDA, they are not tested on animals,

    You have no customs formalities,

    Due to we take care of everything, that's our job.
    Transport costs are those of FedEx, TNT, UPS, DHL with 80%
    discount or sea shipping or Air freight shipping.
    Lead times are short, and safe

    Argan Oil Bio / Organic Argan Oil
    Most of all argan oil wholesale 100% organic cold extraction
    and filtration according to US standards.
    our virgin Argan oils are pure and 100% natural and plant our
    seeds come directly from the mountains and forests of Morocco
    when argan tree growth naturally without fertilisers or any
    other chemicals or any human interference.
    competitive price for the best quality in Morocco of argan oil
    in wholesale.
    you'll be more than satisfied , working with a young team .
    contact us if you want to know more.
    Packaging: Packaged and Bulk

    Therefore the argan oil wholesale company ORIENTAL GROUP supply
    3 kinds of service below:
    1. Private label
    2. FULLY brand wholesale
    3. Raw material

    Which service do you want ?
    Wish to hear from you

    Oriental Group

    N200 Lot Elmassar, Z.I Sidi Ghanem
    Route de Safi
    40 000 Marrakech

    Tel:+212 524 335 449
    Fax:+212 524 457 961
    Website :

    argan oil wholesale

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