Reading Mastery Level 2 teacher presentation books
Posted by Nicole ----Mid-Missouri area on 9/11/07

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    Although I've only been a Title 1 Reading teacher for five
    years, I know that Reading Mastery works best for kids
    that are more that a year behind in reading. I bought a
    complete Level 1 set with my own money. It was very
    expensive, but it helped get many of my students up to
    grade level. It is so important for students to make
    progress in grades 1 and 2. I wish I could afford to
    purchase Reading Mastery II (grade 2) for my students to
    continue their efforts after finishing Level 1. I teach
    at a very impoverished school, which is why I bought the
    Level 1 with my own money.

    I was able to afford the Level 11 workbooks and
    storybooks, however the presentation books are just two
    expensive. My husband just died and I have a new baby.
    The money just isn't there for me to provide the higher
    quality of reading instruction that they need.

    I would appreciate your comments or ideas.