Teachers who can be camp couselors
Posted by Pathways In Education - Los Angeles Area on 4/21/08

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    About Pathways in Education:
    Pathways in Education is a non-profit educational firm
    serving high school age youth, that are at risk of dropping
    out of school.

    We Run High Ropes Leadership camps most weekends
    (Friday-Sunday). We are looking for resident advisers to
    motivate and support our students. Pay is $100 per day.
    Must have a BA and 30 day substitute credential required.

    With the graduation rate at 50% in inner city schools, our
    goal is to find innovative ways to empower kids to graduate
    high school and prepare them to strive for their dreams
    beyond high school.

    Contact Information: If you are interested or would like
    additional information regarding our program, please feel
    free to contact Jennifer
    (626)683-3500 or jenniferhall@pathwaysedu.org.