Teacher of English Mathematics
Posted by "Hobby" school, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on 4/22/08

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    Organization: "Hobby" school

    Location: Zaluuchuudyn gudamj 25, Sukhbaatar District, 8th
    khoroo, Ulaanbaatar 21, PO Box 1096, Ulaanbaatar,
    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
    Phone: 976-11-323039, 323739
    Fax: 976-11-330400
    Website: http://www.hobbyschool.mn

    "Hobby" school is an independent school established in 1994.
    Having started with 20 students it has now evolved into a
    full-fledged secondary school with the classes organized in
    strict accordance with the State General Education Program.
    At the moment there are 11 grades with nearly 500 students.
    The main aim of the school is to nurture a generation of
    highly educated people, capable of contributing to the
    development of our country. With a view to this, a
    challenging, yet caring educational environment has been
    The curriculum at Hobby School is tailored to meet the
    approved state educational guidelines. In addition to that
    it a unique place where subjects such as mathematics,
    history, literature, geography and science are delivered
    both in English and Mongolian. Russian and the traditional
    Mongolian script are introduced from the 5th grade with
    computer science being taught starting the 8th grade. A
    student cafeteria provides healthy meals in a clean and
    modern dining atmosphere. Hobby School looks forward to
    raising the educational standards of Mongolia.

    The teacher of English mathematics at "Hobby" school is
    responsible for teaching secondary- and late primary-school
    level mathematics in English. The teacher must be familiar
    with all aspects of high school mathematics, up to and
    including calculus. The teacher works closely with the
    Mongolian mathematics teachers in order to ensure that the
    relevant material is being taught simultaneously in both
    classes. As most children are not yet fluent in English, the
    teacher must be able to explain difficult concepts in a
    number of different ways in order to accomodate students who
    fail to understand the initial explanation.

    Qualifications: University degree in relevant fields,
    preferably majoring in Education, Mathematics, Algebra,
    Geometry, Trigonometry etc.

    Minimum Education: Bachelors

    Language Used as a Method of Teaching: English

    Length of position: September 2008 - June 2009