Movie Videos and DVDs
Posted by Carolyn in Ohio on 9/26/08

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    I'm trying to help my son who is in his 3rd year of
    teaching. He recently relocated to a new school district.
    He's teaching 9th grade HS English and an elective course,
    Media & Literature (11th &12th grades).

    The elective course has no curriculum guide/map. The only
    thing he has to go on is the course description. The
    original thought when the course was created was to focus
    on movies such as Casablanca.

    He started out by reviewing the different types of media.
    Right now he's planning to focus on the different decades.

    What he needs are videos or dvds of appropriate movies
    that can be shown in a HS classroom, NO R rated movies. If
    anyone has anything that would be useful please contact me.