Gently Used Montessori Material
Posted by New Jersey on 11/18/08

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    I've been searching high and low for used montessori
    material (prefer non- China made - we have many more
    children and want these to last more than couple year).

    I have enrolled my daughter (who is 2 and 9month old now)
    in local Montessori school, but she hated it due to the
    language barrier. So I enrolled her in a regular preschool,
    but she's frequently bored. I decided to freelance instead
    and homeschool her with montessori materials. But our
    budget is tight. However, we also don't want to skimp on

    Please... anyone with gently used montessori material
    whether used in preschool or homeschool who no longer needs
    them, please let me know? I need everything!

    Thank you