Hip Hop Dance Teacher
Posted by Dance Theater Internation/San Jose, CA on 1/15/09

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    The acclaimed school and company, Dance Theater
    seeking a hip hip dance artist to teach the Hip Hop 1
    class. The class currently takes place on Fridays from
    3:45-4:45, MUST arrive no later than 3:30! The students
    are ages 5+ and are a delight to work with. We are looking
    for a reliable, responsible and talented adult who can not
    only teach technique but also make this a fun class for
    the kids. Appropriate music and dance routines/moves
    required. If you are interested please send us an email
    at: dtidance@sbcglobal.net. Please be sure to check out
    the website to get to know us more. We are located in the
    Evergreen area of San Jose.