Someone who needs SRA Direct Instruction books
Posted by Mrs. OGOB on 7/15/09

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    I posted this yesterday on the main Chatboard and got no
    hits. Thought someone may be interested.

    I was out at the special education office of our district
    today and noticed that there were several tables of
    textbooks, workbooks, and teacher manuals setting out. I
    asked why they were there and the secretary told me that
    the ďused-book manĒ had been there to buy book and these
    were the ones he didnít want. Most of what was left was
    the SRA directed instruction series; Corrective Reading,
    Connecting Math, and Reasoning and Writing. She said that
    she was going to call some of the local Catholic and
    Christian schools in the area to see if they wanted them Ė
    if not they were going to be thrown in the trash! These
    books are in excellent condition, we just didnít like the
    direct instruction program.

    Does anyone know where these books can be donated? I hate
    to see these books end up in a landfill. I know the school
    district wonít pay to have them shipped but if someone
    offered to pay for the shipping, Iím sure the district
    would be willing to give them away.