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Email to Cloud Migration is Fast and Frugal
The newest and most advanced technology for email hosting is Microsoft Office365, with G-Suite by Google Cloud running second – and a little behind. However, for most businesses not yet using these, either one is a vast improvement over what they have now.
Why Migrate Your Emails to the Cloud?
The main benefits are in saving time, money, and headaches. There are 3 different outdated platforms serving small business email systems, and they each have their own reasons to be discontinued:
#1. On-Premise Exchange, wherein you host your emails in-house on your own email server.
Downside: Requires protection, ongoing updates, security, backups, and ongoing hardware and licensing upgrades. With today’s technology, there is absolutely no reason for small businesses to have a mail server in-house, as this obsolete method is inefficient and much more expensive to maintain.
#2. Older Platforms, such as GoDaddy Workspace or any of the many email hosting services (1and1, DSL Extreme, Earthlink, Ionos, etc.).
Downside: These are old cloud technology. They do not provide proper features and interface and do not provide the basic services that are required these days, such as multi-form authentication and encryption, and if you are in compliance, they will not be (HIPPA, PCI).
#3. 3rd Party Services, such as GoDaddy Office 365, Intermedia, AppRiver, etc.
Downside: These are often more expensive as they are resellers of the source (usually office 365) and offer extremely limited administrative access to the client, who must submit a customer service request or ‘Ticket’ every time they need something done. This is for their protection, not yours. These services are a nightmare for both the client and their IT providers as they prevent IT from fully administrating Microsoft best practices, which leaves the customer paying more to be less secure.
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