#1058. Differential Calculus

Mathematics, level: Senior
Posted Tue Apr 27 17:59:42 PDT 1999 by yehia Bazzi (ybazzi1@acsmail.henryford.cc.mi.us).
Bent Jbeil High school, Dearborn, Wayne
Materials Required: 11 grade
Activity Time: three days
Concepts Taught: Slope of the tangent line.

Subject:Differential Calculus.

Objective: How to find the x-Intercepts and the y-Intercepts.

Pre-requisite knowledge: Students should be able to solve a first degree equation and a second degree equation.

Instructions to the teacher: Let students have TI-82 Calculators, pick up some handouts on the desk, and information about how to use the Texas Instrument.

Hardware requirement: The system requirements is an IBM PC or compatible with CD-ROM drive running anyone of the following: windows 3.1 and windows 95.

Software requirements: Multimedia geometry, pro one.

Instructions to the teacher: Work in groups of four to practice on the TI-82 and try to explore somthing at least in the end of the project.

Time limit: You have 2 days to finish the assignment.

Internet: There are great websites to look at and to find math website: //www.askjeeves.com

Assessment: There will be a test by using TI-82.