#1206. Firefighters - Community Helper

Social Studies, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Jul 27 14:57:34 PDT 1999 by Donna Keech ().
Lansdale, PA
Materials Required:
Concepts Taught: Lesson introduces children to how a firefighter helps people in a community.

The following is a list of various activites the teacher can choose from when teaching a unit on firefighters.


1. The teacher will read the book "The Fire Station Book" by Nancy Bundt.
2. The teacher and the student will discuss ways the firefighter helps the community.
3. Have the children discuss what they would do in an emergency fire situation. Discuss ways to prevent fires and what to do in an actual emergency. Discuss using 911.
4. Have a fire drill. Once outside, find a grassy area and talk with the children about how they should "Stop, Drop, and Roll". Have the children stop what they are doing, drop to the ground, and roll over and over until the pretend flames are out.


1. Firefighter Hat - Supply each student with a clean, one-gallon bleach bottle - pre-cut to fit their head. Allow the student to use red and black tempera paint to decorate their own personalized firefighter helmet. When dry, encourage the children to wear their helmets and role play being firefighters.
2. Construction Paper Fire Truck - Hand out precut rectangular and circle shapes. Let the children glue the shapes on to constrction paper to design their own fire trucks. Use markers and/or crayons to add details.


1. Bucket Brigade (from Terrific Topics:Careers)
Divide the class into two teams and have the students in each team form a line. For each team, set one large bucket filled with water at one end of the line, and an empty bucket at the other end of the line. Give each team a large cup. Explain that, when playing the game, the children cannot move from their positions. Members from each team have to work together and use the cup to pass water from the full bucket to the empty one. The first team to move all of its water to the empty bucket wins!

2. Fire Station Play Center
Set up an area of the room to represent a fire station. Supply it with items such as firefighters' hats, boots, jackets, gloves, flashlights, a hose, toy fire trucks, a bell, telephones, and pails. Let the children pretend to be firefighters.


1. I'm a Firefighter (by Judy Hall)
Sung to: "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a firefighter
Dressed in red,
With my fire hat
On my head.
I can drive the fire truck,
Fight fires, too,
And help to make things
Safe for you.

2. Down at the Firehouse (by Jean Warren)
Sung to: "Down by the Station"

Down at the firehouse
Early in the morning,
You can see our clothes
Hanging in a row.
When there is a fire,
We can dress real fast.
Boots, jackets, hats, gloves,
Off we go!


1. Arrange a tour of a fire station. Point out the different equipment the firefighters use.

2. Invite a firefighter from a local station to come talk with the students. (Hopefully the firefighter can come on a fire truck) Ask the firefighter to bring his/her special clothing and gear.