#1532. Song and Dance Man

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
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Sunnyside, Indianapolis, IN
Concepts Taught: Guided Reading

This was used in our second grade curriculum for our study of family.
Day 1-
Prior Knowledge: Raise your hand if you've been to a circus? A music program? Do you like jokes? Today we will read a bout a show similar to these things.
Vocabulary: vaudeville shammy aimed polished
Write them on the board. Discuss meanings. Practice reading them together.
Mini-Lesson Focus: SETTING
Mini-Lesson: Remember "Jamaica Tag Along?" (Or another story you have read.) Where did the story take place? That was its setting.
Purpose for Reading: Today we will read to find the setting. Use your setting bookmark (from the 4 Blocks book) to mark the setting in the book.
Teacher Read Aloud
Closure Activity: In your response journal, or on a piece of paper, write a sentence that tells what the setting is.

Day 2
Prior Knowledge: Being the Words-
1. Grandpa was a song and dance man who once danced on the vaudeville stage.
2. He sprinkles a little poweder on the floor, and it's show time.
Write these sentences on sentence strips. Make them different colors. Cut them apart word by word. Write the sentences on the board, read together, then erase.
Pass out to students, and have them come up to the front of the room and put the sentence in the correct order.
Vocabulary: faded glided echo finale
RIVET-write blanks for each letter in a words. Ex: for finale write ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
Divide the class into two or more teams. Have them take turns guessing the letters. No one says the word until every blank has been filled in.
You can award points for getting the word right, and give prizes. They love it!
Mini Lesson Focus: Sequence
Mini Lesson: Show pictures of an ice cream sundae being made. Ex: dish and one scoop, dish and two scoops, etc.
Discuss the order. Put pictures in a mixed up order and have students put in the correct order.
Purpose for Reading: Read to find what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
Echo Reading. Teacher reads a sentence, then students echo it back.
Closure Activity: Worksheet-Put 6 events from the story in order.

Day 3
Prior Knowledge: Sequence the story on the overhead using a sequence flow chart.
Mine has 6 boxes that are empty. I just fill in the events.
Vocabulary: hanky tophat
Beach Ball-put words on the beach ball. Toss and use a word in a sentence.
Mini-Lesson Focus: Main Character
Mini-Lesson:Ask who is main character of the story-Grandpa!
Purpose for Reading: Read to see who the other characters in the story are.
Paired reading
Closure Activity: Do Worksheet on own for a grade.
1. Do you think Grandpa misses his days on the stage? Why?
2. Do you think he might want to perform on stage again? Why?
3. Would you go to see Grandpa perform? Explain.