#1565. Animal Farm: The Complete Project

Literature, level: Senior
Posted Fri Feb 11 05:29:03 PST 2000 by Michael R. Parent (mrparent@hotmail.com).
Manchester Regional High School, Haledon, NJ
Materials Required: Time, creativity, and poster making materials
Activity Time: 3 weeks
Concepts Taught: Gathering Inoformation, Making Connections

Animal Farm. . . The Complete Project

Chapter 1 ~
Find a speech by a famous political leader (from any country) and summarize the theme of his/her speech. Include in your analysis:
What was the political leader's message?
Under what circumstances did this leader give the speech (was it wartime, was it during a depression, was it in relation to human rights?).
Please attach the copy of the speech you found.

Chapter 2 ~
Imagine that you were given a piece of land the size of Texas. You have plenty of farming land, plenty of water resources, plenty of oil reserves, and enough forest land to cover over half of your country. You also inherited a population of about one million people.
View a world atlas. Notice how countries are drawn and labeled.
Create a map of your country and include the capital, rivers, lakes, forestland, and any mountain ranges you would like to have. This should be colored and drawn onto a poster board and large enough that we could read the names of any towns, cities, or parks that you
Name this country that you inherited. Place the name at the top of the drawing. Why did you choose this name? What does it stand for?

Chapter 3 ~
All world leaders have been through a journey to their political office.
Research a world leader (past or present, but not fictional) and write a two page summary of this person's journey through political life. When did they become interested in politics? What are their policies?
Include a picture of this world leader in your paper.

Chapter 4 ~
Almost all countries dedicate monuments to their heroes or leaders. All countries all have a national anthem (a song that unites the people of that country).
Find 3 monuments and 3 national anthems from 3 different countries that exist in our world today.
Place these pictures and a copy of the anthem on decorated poster board.

Chapter 5 ~
Windmills are used to generate power for a farm or community.
Find a picture of a windmill that currently exists.
Research how a windmill operates and explain its operation in a one-page paper.
Attach the paper to the picture of the windmill you found.

Chapter 6 ~
Managing employees is a difficult job. You have to organize work hours and scheduling.
Create a fictional company of your choice and decide what you are going to manufacture or do.
Imagine that you have 5 employees working for you. Design a work schedule (for one week's time) and a pay scale for your employees.

Chapter 7 ~
Over the centuries, many people have gone on strike against companies and industries. These strikes (especially during the early 1900's in America) were often brutal and long.
Find pictures from a strike in the early 1900's in America.
Research why this strike started and how it was resolved. Did anyone die? Was anyone hurt?

Chapter 8 ~
Liquor production is a large and profitable industry in the world, especially in Russia, America, and Germany.
Find a picture of a still (used to manufacture whiskey).
Explain how a still works and label the picture you found (its parts, its construction).
Write a one page summary that explains the history of the still and its illegal uses in the 1920's in America.

Chapters 9 and 10 ~
Laws and rules are a part of everyone's life. Some are obeyed, some are not, and some are just outright ignored. Some rules are "bent" to help an individual or a group when hey are caught disobeying them.
View the rules on pages 17 and 18 of the Manchester Regional High School student handbook.
Select 3 rules from the "Acceptable Behavior" section and 3 rules from the "Unacceptable Behavior" section that you think are frequently changed to benefit one student or a group of students.
Rewrite these rules (just as Squealer did) to make exceptions for certain people or groups. Place your rewritten rules on a poster board that is well designed and easily readable.