#2836. Newspaper Scavenger Hunt

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Wed Mar 26 19:53:23 PST 2003 by Tina Bernetic (bernetict@shaw.ca).
Westview School, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Materials Required: Newspapers(enough so that students can work in pairs)
Activity Time: one hour
Concepts Taught: Reading Comprehension, Reading Response

Newspaper Scavenger Hunt:
OBJECTIVES: -to read a newspaper
-read for comprehension
-read for a personal response
-summarize information that has been read
-to familiarize themselves with the newspaper

INSTRUCTIONS: Have enough newspapers so that students can share a newspaper with a partner. I had two weeks worth of newspapers and several copies of that days newspaper.

on Handout:

1. Find an advertisement for a vehicle you would like to own. What is the vehicle? What is the year of the vehicle? what is the Price? What dealership and where is that dealership located?

2. What is the Front Page leading story? What is the headline? Summarize the story and record the date of the newspaper.

3. Find a job in the classified section, one that would interest you. What is the job? What company? What are the requirements? What is the salary?

4. INTEREST ARTICLE. Find an article you found interesting. Summarize the article, record the title and the who wrote the article.

5. What is your favourite section of the newspaper and explain why?

6. Find a crime that occurred that the newspaper reported. Summarize the crime. Where did it happen? Who was involved?

7. Find your horoscope in the newspaper. Summarize what it says.

****I used this lesson in Gr.10 Language Arts class and I also used this lesson in a Gr.12 Special education Language Arts class. The newspaper was a valuable tool in this sense because it is hard to find reading material that is not juvenile, yet simplistic enough for those that are not strong readers.