#3611. Acrostic & Cinquain Poetry

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Sun Jan 15 17:31:46 PST 2006 by Cynthia Martin (cynthia91@verizon.net).
Hollencrest , West Covina, CA, USA
Materials Required: Goerge Washington Silhouette.
Activity Time: 45 minutes

Dress as George Washington, and walk into your room talking about the revealing tale of the cherry tree. The kids will become interested in the teacher's dress.Using the information previously obtained about George Washington, talk to the students and reflect on what they have learned about him. Ask them to write down the things they know.

The objective of this lesson is to demonstarte their knowledge of writing a cinquain.

Lesson Input:
The students have learned and brainstormed President Washington's traits. Using a example on the whiteboard, write a sample cinquain using an animal.
Explain to the students the process and pattern of a cinquain.

Line 1: One word (subject of the poem)
Line 2: Two words (adjectives) that describe Line3: Three words (action verb ending with "-ing" ) that relate to line 1
Line 4: Four or five words (feelings or a complete sentence) that describe the subject or are related toit in some way
Line 5: One word that sums up line 1 or is a synonym of line 1

Check for Understanding:
While the students are giving imput about the animal, check for understanding.

Independent Practice:
Have students write on scratch paper first, and check before transferring the cinquain to the Washington silhouette.

What You Need:
Reference Materials
Writing materials
Washington Silhouette