Grade: all
Subject: Art

#1001. Glue Line Foil Relief

Art, level: all
Posted Sun Apr 18 08:05:33 PDT 1999 by Andrea Herrin (
Cornelius Elementary School, Cornelius, NC
Materials Required: white glue,heavy alum. foil, fine steel wool, posterboard, India ink, rubber cement
Activity Time: 2-5 days
Concepts Taught: 3-D media, resist

We used this technique during a unit on the ocean, but it can be used within any theme. Each child selected a sea animal to research and write a report. After
they finished the reports we did an exciting art project that goes with our reports. We did a Glue line Foil Relief. I teach first grade and it took us a week to complete this.

Glue Line Foil Relief
1. Draw a pencil drawing on posterboard. (Under Sea Drawing)
We discussed what the floor of the Sea, plants, animals would
look like.)
2. Trace over the pencil drawing with Elmer's or white
school glue. Make a thick raised glue line. (I purchased
small bottles for small hands.)
3. Let dry. It may take a day or two.
4. Brush rubbercement on the glue line picture and
immediately cover with heavy duty aluminum foil. Tell the
children to use their finger to press every inch of the foil
on the posterboard to bring out detail.
5. Lightly burnish the foil with a very fine grade of steel
wool. Burnish it until the foil is dull.
6. Brush black india ink over the burnished foil and let dry.
7. Burnish again (to remove the dried india ink) with the
fine steel wool to create areas of light and dark.
8. Once you are finished the picture will resemble a 3
deminsional tin photograph.
Our pictures were crowd stoppers. Everyone was astonished
that first graders did this project.